Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Chindi Series by Brandy Nacole

Deep in the Hollow
The Chindi Series Book 1
by Brandy Nacole
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
316 pages
Let me share some wisdom with you. There is evil in this world we cannot
see, not because it is hidden from us, but because our minds refuse
to accept its existence. But once we are able to get past what
everyone says should not be, it becomes our responsibility to stop
the evil we now see.
This insight wasn’t given to me until a year after I lost the most
important person in my life: Bryce Rowan. Now, after another death at
the same spot where he died—the overlook, where the mysterious
lights dance amongst the trees—I begin to wonder if they were
accidents after all.
Lucky for me, I’m not the only curious one in town. Cooper, a ghost
hunter (aka chaser), and his sister Jada have moved to town and are
starting to ask questions.
But the more we find out about this town and the people who live here,
people who I have known my whole life, the more I begin to think
there are those who would rather keep the evil secret, even if it
means we will never be safe, and that more will die.
July 11, 1972Once again I’ve fallen prey to MaryAnn’s pleading, and I follow her out the window, my stomach churning with dread, a contrast to her excitement. I don’t know why I let her talk me into these things. She’s always getting us into trouble, has been since we were little. Yet, here I am, still following her after seven years of mistake after mistake. There’s something about her I can’t say no to. I’ve always thought of her as my sister, not my cousin, and considering we were born only two days apart, we are more like sisters—look like it too. But still, even sisters tell each other no every once in a while. Not me. This time though, I should have.Our tiny flashlights give off little light in the dark forest, mine unsteady as it shakes in my hand. Thorns scrape at my skin and I look back, hoping to see a light in the cabin on and my grandfather coming out to see where us girls have run off to. No such luck. The small, two-bedroom cedar cabin is dark, its frame nothing but an outline against the trees around it.“I think we should go back,” I whisper, my voice trembling.

“Will you quit whining, Ester? This is no different than walking through the woods during the daylight.”

I beg to differ. During the day, the green leaves look welcoming, not over-powering and creepy like now. I don’t feel trapped and afraid when walking these familiar woods when the sun is shining bright, but now I do.

“But, MaryAnn, grandpa said—”

“He was just trying to scare you,” she hisses, as she shines her light on a raccoon scavenging for food. It rushes off to hide from what he perceives as danger and we continue on through the thicket.

No matter what MaryAnn says, I know she’s wrong. I saw the fear in our grandfather’s eyes as he told us the story of the thing that haunts these woods. MaryAnn had been enthralled as she sat by the fire, her eyes bright, her body unmoving as she absorbed every word. I had been terrified. Our grandfather has never been a skeptical man, always saying rumors and legends are nonsense. “What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth.” So to see the fear in his eyes as he witnessed the story he told us tonight is enough to convince me he was telling the truth, and not just some tale to scare his grandchildren.

An owl hoots overhead and a chill slowly creeps up my back, making me shiver.

“I think we should wait. I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

MaryAnn ignores my pleas, knowing I won’t go back alone.

The leaves rustle as a slight wind picks up. I can no longer see the outline of the cabin. I don’t know if it’s from my fear, but our lights seem to grow dimmer, making the darkness feel as if it is weighing down on us.

A small clearing comes into view, with timber laying hazardously along the ground.

“We are almost there,” MaryAnn whispers. “This is where grandpa and his workers have been logging close to the overlook.”

Good. Once we reach the overlook and she sees it is the same during the night as it is during the day, we can go back to the safety of the cabin. I can already feel the relief of being back under my blankets, eagerly waiting for morning, with the fresh smell of biscuits baking in the oven and bacon frying in the pan filling the air.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Fallen Empire by K.N. Lee

Fallen Empire
Empire of Dragons Chronicles Book 1
by K.N. Lee
Genre: Epic Fantasy

They say the Age of Dragons ended after the War on Magic, but hiding in the forgotten lands remains one clan destined to reclaim their ancestral home.x

While Kylan hunts firedrakes by day, he prepares for a journey across the
Sea of Dreams where mermaids thrive and the key to his people’s
survival is prophecized to be hidden.
Amalia, a Mage, escaped The Brotherhood, a sect of monks who seek the
descendants of the gods once. Now, unable to return to neutral
territory where magic-users are safe, she finds herself fighting for
survival amongst men who can turn into wolves, firedrakes, and a
relentless monk who believes she can restore balance to the entire

For Amalia, the gods are not just a memory. They are her ancestors, and before she can learn to control her  newfound gift, she will face the keeper of a forgotten empire.

A dragon.


In this sprawling epic fantasy novel with shifting wolf hybrids, dragons, and mermaids, Amalia’s first battle is for more than her life. It’s for the souls of every being born with magic. Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee on an adventure perfect for fans of Vikings and Game of Thrones.

K.N. Lee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is the
author of the Dragon-Born Saga, Eura Chronicles, Wonderland
University, and the Chronicles of Koa series. When she is not writing
twisted urban fantasy, epic tales of dragons, pirates, and mermaids,
and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and spending time
with her family. Wannabe rockstar, foreign language enthusiast, and
anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys gaming and sketching. She is a
winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 “Future Leaders
of Charlotte” award for her success as a writer, business owner,
and for community service.
She is signed with Captive Quill Press and Patchwork Press and represented
by Hershman Rights Management.
K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her!
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Blog Tour: Dangerous Score by Michael Bearcroft


Football hero Jason Clooney is riding high….until a date with a beautiful woman lands him in trouble with the media, and into battle with the criminal underworld.

Now against a backdrop of an uncertain professional future, Jason has to confront disturbing revelations surrounding his new girlfriend’s family. From football action on the pitch to behind the scenes plotting. To battles with a criminal gang and constant media attention, all adding to the toughest challenges he has ever faced in life, love, as a player and as a man.

Purchase from Amazon.



Dave ordered a coffee to keep him going and Jason followed suit. Lunch was ordered, both settled on the venison pie, no starters. Clooney suddenly had a thought, he’d recently watched an old television series Life On Mars on DVD and he realised how much his lunch companion looked like the detective Gene Hunt. Coffee arrived and they drank it. While waiting to eat Evans gave Jason some insight into his own life.

As a boy growing up in Cardiff he had played football, though most of his friends were into rugby. He didn’t know how that happened but it did and he had been involved in the game one way or another ever since. His father always claimed that as he was a former international rugby player, he had been let down by his son, but secretly, Dave knew, his dad was proud of him. He had watched him play so many times over the years, he wouldn’t have done that if he truly was ashamed of him.

After being released by his home town club when he was eighteen, it was his dad who pushed him to try again. He signed for Swansea and enjoyed some brilliant times there. In fact a few years later Cardiff came back in for him, but you never go back, he believed, so the Bluebirds lost out again.

He moved to Newport for five seasons, before signing for Cheltenham, who at that time were in the Conference. Finally, he finished his career as a player at Kettering, and it was his father who was instrumental in that too. By then Evans the Builders were doing business all over the southwest of England and the West Midlands as well as Wales. His father had wanted to expand into the east of the country for some time. With his son based in Northamptonshire it would provide the ideal opportunity. So Dave signed and in no time Evans the Builders became almost as familiar a sight in the East Midlands and beyond as it was in Wales. Then they expanded further, into the north of England and eventually Scotland, so Dave decided to learn to fly and subsequently bought a helicopter. Journeys from Kettering to Aberdeen he preferred to make in a few hours each way by air, rather than battling up the motorways and having to take an overnight stop. Besides, he joked, he rarely collected speeding tickets now.

All was going well until last year, then his annual medical had shown very high blood pressure. Not that he was surprised, with his lifestyle being what it was. Like a prat though, he stupidly told Diana, his second but current wife, as he liked to introduce her. She had gone apeshit, she wanted him to retire immediately, stay at home, and put his feet up. They had really had a fall out, but in the end he had reluctantly agreed to consider other options.

Their venison pies arrived with a plate of fresh steaming vegetables and the proverbial bucket of chips, and to accompany it what looked like an expensive bottle of red wine. They both tucked into a superb meal and it was only when they had finished and were sat back with coffees, and in Dave’s case a large glass of brandy, that he carried on his story.

‘It was Diana’s idea really, for some strange reason she still wants me around,’ he said, pausing only to slowly enjoy a slurp of the brandy and a mouthful of coffee.

‘Why not go part-time at work,’ she suggested, ‘it would please your dad.’

He wasn’t sure about that, he told Clooney, but his wife carried on, ‘Then you could buy the football club, get good people to run it and be Chairman there as well.’

That got him thinking. After all, football had been such a big part of his life and he was hopping mad with that shit of a manager Bradshaw and the way Clooney had been treated. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He discussed it with his lawyers and his accountants. He even sounded out some local businessmen he knew. All supported the idea.

‘But do you know what clinched it?’ he asked. Clooney had no idea and shook his head.

‘I found out, I won’t tell you how, that the Football League are so concerned about Thresham’s involvement. That there was a chance the club would be disqualified from taking up their place which your goal had earned them.’

That, Evans explained, had sealed it. He just had to go for it. He reckoned Thresham would sell for the right price, which he could and would pay to get the man out. Continue reading

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Overweight to Fighting Weight by AJ Watson


Non-fiction. Weight loss and health

Date Published: 8 December 2017


Looking to lose weight but everything has failed? Discover the physical and mental aspects of becoming a much healthier you, written by someone that dropped 80kg!

Get the weight loss system written by someone that went from zero exercise and over 175kg, to a multiple time Australian and Pan Pacific martial arts Champion.

AJ Watson has shed 80kg in his journey and for the first time shares how he did it, and what needed to change mentally and physically to achieve his goals.

This book will teach you how to:

·        understand weight loss issues

·        figure out nutrition labels

·        learn how to set goals

·        improve your motivation

·        boost your willpower

·        structure your exercise

·        become a better version of you.

AJ Watson’s approach tackles the issues from multiple angles giving a much greater level of success than diet alone. Treat yourself to a wealth of knowledge and kick those extra kilos goodbye.

AJ discusses his physical and mental states throughout his journey, and how he combated multiple challenges to attain results. Because he has been there, AJ understands the thought process of overeating, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and low self-esteem. His successes as a martial artist, coach and author are traced back to the struggle out of his lowest point.

Now you can benefit from that struggle as well.


Grab your copy today:

Amazon   *   B&N   *   Kobo   *   iBooks


About the Author

AJ Watson (Tony to his friends) lives with his wife Barbara in the great state of Victoria, Australia.

AJ is a certified Life Coach and continues to expand his skills to assist others not only duplicate his successes but to clear any mental barriers people place upon themselves.

Tony has obtained a Bachelor of Computing and although he has a love of technology, he can’t help dreaming of worlds with vicious creatures and powerful metaphysics. He uses this imagination to write sci fi/fantasy novels.

Tony is an experienced martial artist competitor and instructor, having won multiple national gold medals and assisting others to do the same.

In his spare time, among other things, Tony dabbles in computer graphics and GMs many role play games with his family and friends.

 Contact Information





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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Cases of Lt. DeLong by Angela Kay

 I reviewed both of these books a while back and I definitely recommend them.
The Murder of Manny Grimes
The Cases of Lieutenant DeLong #1
By Angela Kay
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
When three young boys stumble into Lieutenant Jim DeLong’s life one night
during a winter storm, they claim they’ve seen a dead body by the
swing sets of the Columbia County Elementary School. After he
investigates, DeLong sees no evidence, not even a body. But were the
boys telling the truth?
With the help of his oldest friend and mentor, former Naval investigator
Russ Calhoun, DeLong sets out to find whether Manny Grimes is alive
or dead. The further away he gets to the bottom of the mystery, the
closer he comes to realize that his own life is falling apart.
Delving deeper into the murder of Manny Grimes, Lieutenant DeLong begins to
unravel, losing his sense of control, falling into old temptations he
spent years to overcome. Will he be able to move past his own demons
and untangle the web of lies before it’s too late?

Chapter 10

“We don’t have the time to go searching for a missing person that hasn’t yet been reported missing.”

Captain Stewart had listened intently to DeLong’s story before shaking his head in annoyance.

“But, sir,” DeLong protested, “the kids reported him at the school and—”

Though he already knew the answer, Stewart asked, “When you investigated, did you see Grimes at the school? Or any evidence that corroborated these children’s claims?”

“No,” DeLong admitted.

“I’m sorry, Lieutenant, but I’m not going to allow you to run around town, searching for a man that more than likely got out of Dodge. I don’t appreciate the fact that a member of my team,” Stewart jabbed a thumb toward his chest, “entered another person’s home without permission. And convinced a civilian to do the same.” The captain glared from DeLong to Calhoun and back again.

“Captain Stewart,” Calhoun put in. He had been seated quietly, listening as the lieutenant recounted once again what had happened the day before. Now he rose to put in his two cents. “I believe that something happened to Grimes. I went to his house on my own accord. Everything Jim just told you, I stand by. Something happened to this man. We have a duty to find out what. Captain, if we come up with nothing, or we find out we’ve been chasing our tails, then I’ll eat my jacket.”

Stewart narrowed his eyes in Calhoun’s direction and crossed his arms. “You think this is funny, Calhoun? I would have thought better of you than to be involved in a wild goose chase. Entering a man’s premises without a warrant? I should throw the book at you.” He glared at DeLong again. “Actually, I should throw the book at both of you.”

He sighed and leaned back in his chair, uncrossing his arms and linking his hands behind his head. He continued to glare between the two men.

“All right,” he said after minutes passed. “DeLong, I’ve known you long enough to know that ninety times out of a hundred, your instincts are sound. You want to search for the man, then fine.” He held both palms in the air, then slowly lowered them flat on the desk and leaned forward.

“But do not, I repeat do not, do anything that would require a warrant until you have probable cause to actually get a warrant. Keep me posted. I’ll give you two days to either find Grimes or hard evidence that he is actually missing. Two days. That is all.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, Captain,” DeLong said with a satisfied nod.

“Yes, thank you,” Calhoun echoed.

“I have to run out for a little while,” the captain said with a sigh. He rose, straightening his shirt uniform. “Try not to waste too much of my time. Or yours.”

“Yes, sir,” DeLong acknowledged as he left the office.

“Where do you want to start?” Calhoun wondered, trailing after him.

“I suppose we should go back to the schoolyard,” DeLong said, halfway out the door. “Maybe between the two of us, we’ll find something I overlooked when I first looked around.” Outside, DeLong blew into his hands to warm them. “Honestly, I just wanted to get out of the station a little bit. But I didn’t want to go home. Sam has me sleeping on the couch these days. Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. The body wasn’t there. The snow we had would have destroyed most, if not all the evidence.”

At the truck they slid inside. DeLong adjusted the heat as Calhoun set the gear in motion. “I just want to be sure we’ve covered all our bases.

Then let’s go back to the Walkers’. I want to know more about Jonathan Walker’s friendship with Manny Grimes.”

Blood Runs Cold
The Cases of Lieutenant DeLong #2
A young woman has been murdered at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion and
Lieutenant Jim DeLong realizes at first sight this case will be the
most difficult one of his career. DeLong is immediately swept into
the memories of his childhood and dark secrets he’s longed to forget.
The victim is his sister-in-law, and old thoughts he’s fought to delete
will be resurrected whether DeLong likes it or not. He and his
brother have been estranged by unhappy times in their youth. With no
clear motive, DeLong questions his ability to remain objective.

**On Sale for .99 cents!!**


x x

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Shadow World Trilogy by Brandy Nacole

Shadow World Trilogy Boxed Set
by Brandy Nacole
Genre: Urban Fantasy
801 pages
I must dare to be different in a world where I’m unwelcome in order
to save the one person left in my life, my half-sister Addie.
This deluxe boxed set contains the complete Bestselling Shadow World
Trilogy (Uniquely Unwelcome, Blood Burdens, and Sacrifice: A New
Enjoy the thrill as power is pushed to its limit, hearts are broken, and
some pay the ultimate price as Racquel fights an ancient evil that is
determined to make the Earth bleed, and Racquel with it.
The box set includes:
Uniquely Unwelcome
The Shadow World Volume 1
Racquel is unique. The bloodlines of four of the most powerful beings in the
Shadow World are intertwined within her DNA. She has never craved
attention. She just wants to be able to live as normal life as she
can. But she’s about to find that even though she’s uniquely
unwelcome wherever she goes, her abilities also make her the best
chance the Shadow World has to stop a threat to all the Shadow races.
Once arriving home, Racquel finds that greater evils exist and that
the person she cares for most in this world, her half-sister Addie,
has been kidnapped along with other Shadow World beings. Racquel
finds herself facing horrible odds with those who would rather see
her dead than alive. As her journey continues, Racquel learns more
about herself, what she is capable of, and that not every being looks
at her as an abomination. Coy, a human captive that Racquel saves
from the Vampires, starts showing kindness toward her. Racquel tries
putting distance between her and the human boy but as they spend more
time together it becomes harder and harder for Racquel to fight the
affection she wants and needs. But will Coy’s friendship and her new
found discoveries be enough to help Racquel unravel the strangest
mystery that has ever plagued the Shadow World?
Blood Burdens
The Shadow World Trilogy Volume 2
As someone with four Shadow bloodlines, Racquel is uniquely unwelcome
even among her fellow werewolves, shape-shifters, vampires, and
witches. Growing up, she was bullied and tormented for being a
“hybrid,” a condition frowned upon by Shadow society. After
saving her sister and a number of other kidnapped Shadows from a
diabolical plot to create a Shadow army, many have found a new
respect for Racquel, but she is far from accepted in Shadow society,
and the evil is far from over. To complicate matters, Racquel now
finds herself torn between two brothers. Coy is caring and has helped
Racquel through her struggles, and Micah, who Racquel has only met
once but who is somehow, having dream conversations with him. Racquel
becomes torn between following her heart while breaking it at the
same time. In the second installment of the Shadow World series,
Racquel and her sister Addie face off with the Shadow leaders against
a threat that could bring the world to its knees. Power will be
pushed to its limit, hearts will be broken, and some will pay the
ultimate price as Racquel and her group of Shadows fight against an
ancient evil that is determined to make the earth bleed and Racquel
with it.
Sacrifice: A New Dawn
The Shadow World Trilogy Book 3
Racquel was once uniquely unwelcome, an outcast in both the human and Shadow
worlds. In desperation, the Shadows—the loose alliance of Vampires,
Werewolves, Witches, Shape Shifters and Faeries—turned to Racquel
for help against the sorceress Cerelia, who threatened all Shadows.
Now that Racquel has protected the Shadows by defeating Cerelia, it
seems like things are picking up. Racquel is ready to challenge the
Shadows’ Ruling Council on the injustice of the laws that made her
and her family outcasts among the Shadows, and which is causing
suffering among her friends. Racquel has little time to enjoy her
victory. Micah, an innocent subjected to experiments by Cerelia and
now the only other person in the world like Racquel, is summoned to
appear before the Ruling Council to be examined. The Council has
already warned that if Micah is deemed to be “unclean” and a
threat to the Shadows, he will be executed. And there are agendas
hidden in agendas, as well. A secret faction wants to challenge
Racquel, who they still see as being an unclean creature due to her
mixed-Shadow heritage. Worse still, the mysterious prophecy made by
Kaya, queen of the Fay, is about to become true, and Racquel is about
to be faced with her deepest fear: that she is still unwelcome in the
world. Betrayed trust and a new danger to the Shadow world are
waiting for Racquel, and in the end, she may have to make the
ultimate sacrifice in order to save the world and her friends from

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Firebloods by Casey Hays

by Casey Hays
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
326 pages
Jude Gallagher thought she was crazy.
It all started when the boy next door made her hear music—
inside her head. All the time.
It was torture.
She didn’t think things could get worse. But then one hot summer, her
best friend Kane O’Reilly decides to tell her how he really feels
about her. Music inside her head? That’s nothing compared what
happens next.
Things only turn stranger when she and her lab partner Frankie Melmack
begin a project to prove the existence of the Vatra u Krvi—a race of
people tied to the mythical Phoenix. Add in a neglectful mother and a
magic ring, and the insanity that defines Jude’s life is pretty
well complete.
Heat surges across the Nevada desert, and the best and worst parts of Jude
Gallagher’s life collide as myth meets reality. In the middle of
the chaos, she begins to hear more than just music. And she has to
Maybe… just maybe… she really is crazy after all.

from Chapter Two

“The Phoenix is a great fire spirit in Greek mythology, you know?” She sets one slice of pie on a plate, then pauses to slide a large encyclopedia across the table until it’s situated in front of me. It’s bookmarked, and she flips it open to the description of the Phoenix. “It’s a sacred firebird that represents immortality, rebirth, and renewal. It can live from five hundred to a thousand years according to legend. At the end of its life cycle, it builds a nest, climbs inside, and bursts into flames.”


“So…” She sits, placing my pie next to the encyclopedia. I move the book aside and take up my fork. “The Phoenix is one of the only living creatures that is self-reproducing, because from those ashes…” She cuts off the pointed end of her pie piece and raises her fork along with her brows, which peek at me over the top of her glasses. “…a brand new baby Phoenix is born.”

I shake my head. “Where are we going with this?”

“Think about it. Its aspects are magical. Otherworldly. A race of people with its blood running through their veins would be extraordinary.”

“The Phoenix is a myth,” I remind her.

“You could be a little open-minded.”

I plunge a piece of pie into my mouth and speak around it. “Okay. So this reborn bird… is it a new Phoenix or the same one?”

She shrugs. “That’s debatable.”

“And is there more than one Phoenix?”

“Hard to say.”

I shake my head. “Give me something here, Frankie.”

“Well, it’s rare to see one at all, so… it’s hard to say.”

It’s rare to see one because they don’t exist. I squint, testing her further.

“Male or female?”

“I suppose that would depend on the answer to the first two questions, wouldn’t it?” She picks off a piece of pie crust and nibbles on the end. I scoop up another full bite.

“Okay, look.” I focus on her pointedly. “And I’m only saying this so we don’t have to scrape our embarrassed butts up off the floor later, but we can’t do this. It’s nonsensical, and—”

Before the rest of my sentence leaves my mouth, she produces another picture from her accordion file. This one takes me by surprise. A photograph. I pick it up, holding it out for a better look. It’s a man—no, maybe just a boy. He’s handsome. Jet black hair. Violet eyes. His bare chest ripples with muscles, and spread out behind him is the most brilliant pair of black wings, fluttering with an iridescent glow. They’re sleek and beautiful. I blink once, and I swear they flutter.

“This is a Vatra u Krvi,” Frankie says.

A tiny catch in my chest makes it hard to breathe. I’m dead serious. Every one of my five senses is held captive by the beauty of this image.

“Translated, the phrase means ‘fire in the blood.’” Frankie cocks her head to the side, just like a bird herself. “In English, the common term is Firebloods.”

“He looks like an angel.” I breathe out the words.

She smiles. “I know.”

I tear my eyes away and glance up at her, suspicion moving in. Because this can’t be real. It can’t.

“Where did you find this?”

Her eyes flit past me to ensure the door is closed. “In my father’s office.”

I lean back in my chair examining the image. It stares up at me from some vast realm of someone’s artistic imagination.

“This isn’t real.” I glance at Frankie. “It’s all fascinating from a fantasy standpoint, but it isn’t a viable subject.”

“I think we can prove his existence.” She nods at the image, adamant. “In fact, I know we can.”

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Lightning in a Bottle by Gina Ardito

Lightning in a Bottle
by Gina Ardito
Genre: Contemporary Romance
After suffering through a humiliating divorce in New York, Bo McKenzie is
out of luck, money, and patience. Arriving in Silverton, Texas, she’s
bet her last dime on the launch of her craft brewery to get her life
back on track. Despite her vow to stay focused solely on the beer
business, one man manages to capture her heart. Can she trust him?
Drew Garwood’s one true love has always been serving the legal needs of
his neighbors. His greatest trouble is keeping his brother on the
right side of the law. When Bo McKenzie sweeps into town, she rouses
his passion and provides the spark his life has been missing.
Whatever happened before she came to Silverton has left her guarded
and suspicious. Can he break down her defenses?
As the two struggle to rein in their wild attraction, secrets and greed
could destroy the brewery and force Bo out of town for good –
unless Drew can find a way to convince her to stay.

Planting her fists on her hips, she faced him. “Why didn’t you tell me who you were when we met?”

He shrugged. “Didn’t see any point. I saw the way you looked at Cooper when you found out he was the sheriff. You had your mind made up that we were a bunch of country rubes you couldn’t trust.”

“That’s not true!”

“Yeah, it is.” He waved off her outrage. “Don’t worry about it. You’re new here. I’d imagine you learned to keep your guard up living in New York all those years.”

A thousand clever retorts settled on her tongue, but he was, for better or worse, her lawyer. She needed him. At least, until they were up and running and showing a profit.

Oh, honey, you want him for more than his legal briefs, her libido chided her. You got a bad case of the hots.

Maybe, but her sane side, still scarred and shamed after Rob’s betrayal, warned her about chasing any romantic inclinations. You’re done with men, remember? Focus on the brewery and only the brewery. Nothing else matters.

I kill houseplants. There. Now you know one of my greatest shames. I’m
not boasting. I just figure that if you’re reading this, you’re
looking for more than how wonderful life is as a writer. You get
enough of that elsewhere. Ditto for political rants, how to lose
thirty pounds in a week, and creating gorgeous crafts with nothing
more than twine and soup cans. My goal is to connect with you, dear
reader, even if you’re not a writer, not a New Yorker, not a mother,
not a female. We’re human (unless one of us is a spambot), and what
we have in common is flaws. So here are a few more of mine:

I sing all the time. I sing songs most people don’t know–jingles from
television, crazy stuff I used to listen to on Dr. Demento, Broadway
and movie soundtracks, and I can even bum-bum-bum through
instrumental music. I sing in the car. In the shower. While I’m
grocery shopping. And I headbop while I sing. When I’m not singing, I
talk to myself. Just ignore me and move on. You get used to it after
a while.

I don’t eat my vegetables. Seriously. I only started eating salad about
ten years ago, but I’d still rather have a cookie.

Given the option, I would live in a mall where I would never have to worry
about freezing temperatures or too much sun. I’m extremely
fair-skinned and could burn under a 60-watt light bulb.

I can’t sleep without background noise so the television’s on all
night. If it’s too dark and too quiet, all I have are my thoughts.
And even *I* don’t want to be alone with my thoughts.

Don’t ask me to Zumba, line dance, or march in the parade. I have
absolutely no rhythm.

I color outside the lines. Not because I’m a rebel, but because I suck
as an artist. My artistic ability is limited to being able to draw
Snoopy sleeping on his doghouse. And I don’t even draw that

Regrets. I have more than a few.x

My favorite activity is sleep, and I’m pretty good at it. I don’t clock
a lot of hours, but I can powernap like a Persian cat and rejuvenate
within ten minutes.

I consider shopping and dining out excellent therapy for anything wrong
in my life.

My feet are always cold. Always. My husband of more than a quarter
century claims it’s because I’m an alien sent to Earth to destroy
him. (He might be right about that.)

Coming to my house for a visit? Unless you’ve given me plenty of advance
notice, be prepared. My floor will not be vacuumed, there will be
dishes in my sink, and I only make my bed when I change the sheets
once a week (I’m climbing back into it ASAP. Why make it?)
Housecleaning is not high on my priority list. Okay, to be totally
honest, it’s not on the list at all.

I can resist anything…except ice cream.x

Since this is our first date, I figure I’ve revealed enough secrets for
now. But if you’ve read this bio and think I might be the author for
you, pick up one of my books or stalk my website.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Nature of the Witch by Helen T. Norwood


Many years ago, magic prevailed in Britain. It was a time when chosen women followed a path forged by Mother Nature herself; a time of witchcraft, of the brotherhood of the Gwithiaz and of the terrifying Creatures.

This has all passed from memory a long time ago. But now, magic has returned. Kiera is the first witch the world has seen in centuries, while Jack must learn the ways of the Gwithiaz. They must not only master their crafts, but also overcome their differences and work together if they are to survive the dark enemy that lurks in the shadows.

In the rugged Cornish landscape where it first began, the two face the dreaded Kasadow: an ancient evil that has awakened and is ready to destroy them, and their magic, once and for all.

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Thank you to Dawn for letting me visit her blog on my blog tour.  This extract is taken from the first meeting between Kiera and Jack.  Kiera is learning how to be a witch.  Jack is learning the ways of the Gwithiaz from his mentor, Kitto, and is destined to help protect Kiera.

Kiera followed Kitto upstairs.  She didn’t even realise Jack had gone until she turned around.  She felt bad for Kitto, who seemed to be trying so hard to make conversation with her and cheer her up.  She knew she should try harder, respond with more than one syllable but she felt sad and alone and didn’t have the energy.

Her room was nice enough.  It was certainly large, if anything it was too large.  She thought wistfully of her cosy bedroom back home…or rather at Mags’s house, she shouldn’t think of it as home anymore because this was her new home.

She was aware that Kitto was waiting eagerly for her reaction so she took a moment to look around; a double bed all to herself, a spacious wardrobe and drawers that she didn’t have enough clothes to fill, a dressing table, some bookshelves and a large window that looked out across a vast and beautiful landscape.  She nodded at Kitto and tried to smile but failed.

“Is it OK?” Kitto asked. “It’s yours so any changes you want to make please feel free.  This is your home now.”

She knew that this was meant to cheer her up but it only made her feel worst.  She didn’t reply.

“Perhaps you’d prefer a different room?” Kitto asked her, scanning her features for a clue as to what she was thinking.

Part of her wanted to please him, he seemed nice enough, but another part unfairly blamed him for taking her from a home she was happy at.  She just wanted him to leave her alone.

“It’s fine,” she said flatly.

Kitto nodded.  He seemed disappointed.  This obviously wasn’t going according to plan.  He was still smiling at her though.  He reached out, took hold of her bag and unzipped it.

“Shall I help you unpack?” A photo of her dad lay on top and it made Kiera angry.  She snatched the bag from him.

“No, could you please just leave me alone!” She snapped.  She regretted it instantly when she saw the wounded expression on his face, but he nodded and left the room.  She heard him mumble, “sorry” in an embarrassed, sad sort of way.  She felt even worse when she saw Jack glaring at her from the doorway.  He had been standing outside.

“He was only trying to help you settle in,” Jack said angrily.

She sighed, “I was happy with Mags, I didn’t ask to come here.”

“No, but that’s not our fault.  This is just the way it is and we’ve all got to make the best of it.”

She knew he was right but that just made him more annoying, “You wouldn’t understand…” Continue reading

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Anglo-Zulu War by James Mace

books contain graphic violence and language not suitable for younger
audiences or sensitive readers!**
Brutal Valour: The Tragedy of Isandlwana
The Anglo-Zulu War Book 1
by James Mace
Genre: Historical Fiction
505 pages
It is December 1878, and war looms on the horizon in South Africa.
British High Commissioner Sir Henry Bartle-Frere seeks to dismantle
the powerful neighbouring kingdom of the Zulus and uses an incursion
along the disputed border as his justification for war. He issues an
impossible ultimatum to the Zulu king, Cetshwayo, demanding he
disband his armies and pay massive reparations. With a heavy heart,
the king prepares his nation for war against their former allies.
Leading the invasion is Lieutenant General Sir Frederic Thesiger, Baron
Chelmsford, a highly experienced officer fresh off a decisive triumph
over the neighbouring Xhosa tribes. He and Frere are convinced that a
quick victory over the Zulus will negate any repercussions from the
home government for launching what is, in essence, an illegal war.
Recently arrived to South Africa are newly-recruited Privates Arthur Wilkinson
and Richard Lowe; members of C Company, 1/24th Regiment of Foot under
the venerable Captain Reginald Younghusband. Eager for adventure,
they are prepared to do their duty both for the Empire and for their
friends. As Frere’s ultimatum expires, the army of British redcoats
and allied African auxiliaries crosses the uMzinyathi River at
Rorke’s Drift into Zululand. Ten days later, the British and Zulus
will meet their destiny at the base of a mountain called Isandlwana.

The two officers leading Zikhali Horse rode together out of the camp. Their troopers acted as a single entity, at least until they got as far north as Mkwene Hill. Durnford had informed Charlie Raw that a company of NNC were on picquet duty at the hill and he was to round them up and take them with him if needed. Captain George Shepstone accompanied Raw, though for the time being deferred all tactical decisions to the troop’s commander.

It was a basic, yet tactically sound plan Durnford had briefed his officers on. Raw and Roberts would head due north and skirt across the ridgelines until they reached Mabaso. Durnford would take the remaining two troops in an arc veering east and then northeast. Any Zulus would be caught between them, and the column commander hoped to capture a few and gather what intelligence he could about the main impi. As the directive from Chelmsford, requiring the camp be moved to Mangeni Gorge, had yet to reach Isandlwana, no one from either Durnford’s or Pulleine’s command had any knowledge of how the fight in the east was progressing.

“The enemy is retiring, and I intend to follow them up,” the colonel had told his men.

About three miles from the camp, well past the first conical koppie and beyond another hill called Itusi, they spotted several small bands of Zulus who immediately fled at the sight of the mounted troopers.

“If they are going towards the General, we must stop them at all hazards!” Durnford stressed to his men who took off in pursuit.



Crucible of Honour: The Battle of Rorke’s Drift
The Anglo-Zulu War Book 2
420 pages
It is January of 1879. While three columns of British soldiers and their
African allies cross the uMzinyathi River to commence the invasion of
the Zulu Kingdom, a handful of redcoats from B Company, 2/24th
Regiment are left to guard the centre column’s supply depot at
Rorke’s Drift.
On the morning of 22 January, the main camp at Isandlwana, just ten
miles to the east, comes under attack from the entire Zulu army and
is utterly destroyed. Four thousand warriors from King Cetshwayo’s
elite Undi Corps remained in reserve and were denied any chance to
take part in the fighting. Led by Prince Dabulamanzi, they disobey
the king’s orders and cross into British Natal, seeking their share
in triumph and spoils. They soon converge on Rorke’s Drift; an easy
prize, with its paltry force of 150 redcoats to be readily swept aside.
Upon hearing of the disaster at Isandlwana, and with retreat impossible,
the tiny British garrison readies to receive the coming onslaught.
Leading them is Lieutenant John Chard, a newly-arrived engineer
officer with no actual combat experience. Aiding him is B Company’s
previously undistinguished officer commanding, Lieutenant Gonville
Bromhead, along with 24-year old Colour Sergeant Frank Bourne, and a
retired soldier-turned civilian volunteer named James Dalton.
Unbeknownst to either the British or the Zulus, half of the centre column,
under Lord Chelmsford’s direct command, was not even at Isandlwana, but
fifteen miles further east, at Mangeni Falls. However, with a huge
Zulu force of over twenty-thousand warriors between them and the
drift, their ammunition and ration stores taken or destroyed, and an
impossible distance to cover, Chelmsford’s battered column cannot
possibly come to the depot’s aid, and must look to their own
survival. The defenders of Rorke’s Drift stand alone.

Continue reading